Door & Door Fittings:

We export, import and supply a wide range of sliding doors and acoustic security products. All the products are procured from established international brands such as Halspan(UK) & Lorient. Our range of innovative products is suitable for home and commercial usage. The products are used for providing complete safety & security to both human life and their personal belongings. We can offer the products in specific options, as per client's requirements.

Door Blanks:

The Halspan range of Prima and Optima door blanks are formally PEFC CoC Certified. Halspan(UK) door blanks are pre-tested according to British Standard BS476: Part22: 1987(ISO834) and EN1634 pt 1 2000. Their product array includes single leaf doors, pairs and double acting fire door configurations in flush and paneled doors. In addition, overpanels choice of frames and with glazed apertures are also available. Some of its characteristics are as follows:

  • Halspan is a 3-layer particle board, designed to out-perform other types of board, and manufactured with doors in mind. It is ideal as a solid core door and better to make, veneer and laminate.
  • As a branded product, it is possible for the architect or specifiers, to retain control of an original specification right through the project, thus ultimately protecting client and the public.
  • The flexibility of Halspan increasingly meets the needs of designers: flush and panelled style doors; hardwood, softwood, aluminium and hollow steel frames; as well as glazing style options.
  • The flexibility of Halspan increasingly meets the needs of designers: flush and panelled style doors; hardwood, softwood, aluminium and hollow steel frames; as well as glazing style options.
  • o Range of FD60 leaf size -54mm Halspan to be used for 60 minutes doors in softwood, hardwood, MDF, aluminium and steel frames.
  • FD90 and FD120- 64mm Halspan to be used for 90 minutes and 120 minutes in hardwood frames.
  • Fabrication: The structure of the high performance door core in a Halspan door blank removes the need for perimeter framing and ply or MDF faces, simplifying door leaf construction.

Fire Rated Door Blanks:

We imports and supplies an extensive selection of sizes, types and finishes of high quality fire rated door blanks. Our aim is to offer quality products, deliverted on timed at competitive prices.

Following are the specifications:

Standard Sizes Rating Thickness Glazing Area Mechanical (DUTY GRADE) Acoustic
2135 X 915 mm
38 MM
severe tested
2135 X 915 mm 30 MINTS 44 MM 1.29m2 severe tested
2440 X 1220 mm 30 MINTS 44 MM
severe tested
2440 X 915 mm 30 MINTS 44 MM
severe tested
2060 X 840 mm 30 MINTS 44 MM
severe tested
2800 X 915 mm 30 MINTS 44 MM
severe tested
2800 X 1830 mm 30 MINTS 44 MM
severe tested
3050 X 1050 mm 30 MINTS 44 MM
severe tested
2135 X 915 mm 60 MINTS 54 MM 0.40m2. severe tested
2200 X 1075 mm 60 MINTS 54 MM
severe tested
2800 X 915 mm 60 MINTS 54 MM
severe tested
2440 X 915 mm 60 MINTS 54 MM
severe tested
2800 X 1830 mm 60 MINTS 54 MM
severe tested
2440 X 1220 mm 60 MINTS 54 MM
severe tested
3050 X 1050 mm 60 MINTS 54 MM
severe tested
2150 X 1040 mm 90 MINTS 64 MM 0.56m2 severe tested

Specials Size-length x width(Min 1 trailer)

Door Blanks:

We provide highly efficient fit for purpose doors. The product is quality tested on various parameters to ensure its high performance and durability. Different tests done on the product includes:

  • Mechanical Testing: The tests were conducted in accordance with British Standard Draft for Development DD171:1987,BS EN 1191:2000. Halspan Doors in full door set mode have been tested in single action single, and double action single mode and achieved severe duty grading.
  • SD-Severe Duty: Subject to frequent violent usage. Halspan achieved the highest grading in the British Standard of Mechanical Tests for "hinged or pivoted doors"-severe duty: subject to frequent violent usage.
  • Acoustic Performance: The test has been conducted in accordance to BS EN ISO 141.3.1995, BS EN ISO 717.1.1997. Halspan cores has been extensively tested using various perimeter sealing options in single, double door configurations and also including glazing. Depending on the option chosen the acoustics performance ranges from 28dB and 35dB
  • Thickness: As a rule FD30 door leaves are nominally 45mm thick though some designs may have test evidence at lesser thickness. FD60 doors are usually 54mm in thickness but are also available in 45mm. Thicker door leaves will usually have a greater size envelope because:
    • They have increased resistance to burn-through.
    • If distortion does occur, through-gaps are less likely.
    • Wider intumescent strips can be incorporated into the door/frame joint.
  • Minimum Dimensions of frames: In practice, a cross section of timber 75mmx50mm is sufficient to mould a fire doorframe with an integral 12mm doorstop.75mmx37mm plus doorstop is sufficient for loose stop design.

Glazing And Paneling Scope:

There are many advantages of Glazing, some of which are:

  • Halspan allows glazed apertures to be incorporated in fire doors without reducing performance.
  • All geometrical shapes are acceptable.
  • Apertures: Halspan solid core door is capable of tolerating relatively large glazed apertures.

Panel Style Doors: A minimum of 2 panels and a maximum of 8 are permitted. Selection of geometric shapes for panels is also permitted. As an alternative to Flush type door leaves, panel appearance designs are now widely available which mostly reproduce traditional fielded paneled design. They are made using combination of solid timber and / or Veneered panels with substantial intumescent reinforcement. Some designs employ molded door skins which are glued to both sides of a fire resisting central core.

Facings: Halspan is suitable for lamination, veneering, clear lacquer, paint, plastic laminates and metal sheets. Their fine hard surfaces minimize preparation time and grin-through and ripple effect, found with other types of door construction, are eliminated.

Painting: It is not essential to add paper or veneer before painting. Both primer and finish may be applied by spray, roller or brush direct onto Halspan.

Fire Resistant Glazing Systems

All Lorient glazing channels are approved under the CERTIFIRE independent appraisal system and have been tested under the conditions of BS476 Pt 20/22.They can be used to specify and manufacture glazed doors, screens, partitions, providing from 30 to 120 minutes protection. Different models of fire resistant glazing systems available with us include:

  • System-36- U-Shaped intumescent gasket with a range of standard glazing beads. Suitable for curved corners and circular vision panels.
  • System-630- A variant of System-36 specifically designed for cost-effectively incorporating circular glazed aperture into 60 minutes fire resistant doors.
  • System-321- Unique clip-together glazing system, containing everything required to glaze one aperture in an FD30 Door.
  • System-69- variant of system - 90 PLUS -specifically designed for use with doors and screens whose frame and glazing beads are made of high density mineral composite material.

Industrial Seals

We provide a wide range of Lorient seals that are fit for purpose, cost effective, innovative, durable, easy to use and attractive. The product range includes:

  • Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals
  • Intumescent Glazing Products
  • Intumescent Door Hardware Protection Kits ( Hinges, Lock Set & Closer )
  • Intumescent Louvers and Air Transfer Grilles
  • Architectural Door Seals ( Weather, Smoke, Light, Dust & Acoustics).


  • Self-adhesive backing. Provides excellent adhesion on a wide range of materials, including MDF on which it is particularly difficult to obtain an effective bond.
  • Range of standard colours and special colours available.
  • All Lorient seals are available in standard lengths of 1m & 2.5m.Other lengths available to special order ranging from 10mm to 70mm wide and from 2.5mm to 15mm deep.

Acoustic Seals

Lorient acoustic seals assist in isolating rooms from airbourne noise generated within a building, such as offices and factory premises, cinemas and theatres, and most essentially on unit entry doors in hotels and multi-occupancy residential buildings, in particular to contain noise in corridors and stairways. The innovative Lorient DS and Finesse™ seals offer the ultimate in acoustic, smoke and fire protection. Its salient features include:

  • Successfully tested for fire and smoke in accordance with BS 476 Pt.22:1987 and BS 476 Pt.31.1:1983 , BS EN 1634-1:2000
  • Carries both BBA and CERTIFIRE (CF330) certification.
  • Acoustically tested as per BS EN ISO 140-3:1995.Will achieve a rating of 31dB when tested on a FD30 door assembly, along with IS8010si threshold seal.
  • Available in standard colours plus wood grain and metallic finishes with translucent fins - to blend discreetly into the door- ideal for upgrading door sets in heritage projects.

Features of Finesse™ Acoustic, Smoke and Fire Seal

  • Tested for fire and smoke performance in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2000.
  • Tested for durability over 1,000,000 cycles on a full-size door assembly without breakdown.
  • A choice of sizes to cover both 30 and 60 minute applications.
  • Available in standard colours plus woodgrain and metallic finishes with translucent fins as standard, to blend discreetly into the door or frame – ideal for upgrading doorsets in heritage projects.

Elastomeric Seals

We offer a huge array of extruded elastometric seals which provides a permanent barrier to smoke and acoustics. Salient features of 1000 series of seals include:

  • Tested as per - AS1191 and /or ISO140-3.
  • In accordance with BS476:SECTION 31.1.1983
  • Face-fixed, self adhesive and kerf-fitting options
  • Suitable for refurbishing and upgrading existing doors
  • Easily retrofitted
  • Batwing™ Seal has exceptional acoustic properties
  • Choice of 4 colours
  • Satisfies BS 5588-11: 1997 - TEST conducted before and after 100000 opening and closing cycles.
  • Durability - up to 10 years

Attributes of Automatic Door Bottom Seals 8000 Series

Varieties of face-fixed and mortised automatic door bottom seals are available with us. The automatic droop seals are activated by a spring–loaded mechanism to ensure easy door operations yet effective sealing when closed. Its features include:

  • Requires no power connection
  • Self- leveling on uneven surface
  • Completed over 1,000,000 operating cycles without failure
  • Seals acoustically tested

In addition to the above seals, we also offer:

  • Threshold Plates ¬–4000 Series
  • Magnetic Seals – 6000 Series
  • Perimeter Seals – 7000 Series
  • Speciality Seals – 9000 Series

Certifications And Testing

Various certifications and testing offered and conducted by us, respectively on different products are tabulated below:

38mm PRIMA 44mm PRIMA 30 54mm PRIMA 60 64mm 90 44mm optima 30 54mm optima 60 64mm 120
EN1634 1 2000.
BS EN ISO 141.3.1995
BS SN ISO 717.1.1997
DD 171 1997
BS EN 1191 2000
EN 947 1999
EN 948 1999
EN 949 1999
EN 950 1999

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